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Tea Storage Box | Large White Pine Wood

Tea Storage Box | Large White Pine Wood

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✅ VERSATILE & ADJUSTABLE STORAGE BOX - Stylish white wood design allows for complementing rustic decors, makes it a perfect gift for weddings, bachelorette parties, baby showers - especially Christmas and Hanukkah! You can also store other items in the tea chest, like chocolates, spices, condiments, or any knick knack. The wooden dividers can be moved and adjusted to fit any item. Overall Dimensions: 14.3" x 8.1" x 4.2"
✅ STURDY & WELL-DESIGNED - The lid features a simple and elegant TEA stamp label design on our special edition white pine wood. It opens to a 90-degree angle to provide more space. The two heavy-duty metal hinges keep it open or closed firmly. A tea box is the perfect tool for organization projects during spring cleaning, winter months when we drink more hot tea, or really any time of year. An opportunity to live purposefully and enjoy cherished rituals.
✅ NATURAL WOOD MATERIAL - Durability and sustainability are essential. Our tea box holder is made of pine wood. It looks classy and sophisticated because it is made with such expertise. *Please note the dividers in our pine boxes are made from MDF.
✅ SPACIOUS COMPARTMENTS - Tea bags come in different shapes and sizes. Our wooden boxes have removable oversized slots to fit all the bags in your tea collection. You can store tea bags, little jars of loose leaf, and accessories in the customizable spaces.

The Zen Earth Pine Storage Box Tea Chest will not only impress your guests with its appeal, it will also help your tea collection last longer!

Also perfect for bnb's, vacation rentals, cafe's, and other food and beverage, real estate, retail, and hospitality countertops.

Tea time comes and as you go through the box or bag of tea packets, you notice that they don’t smell and taste as pleasantly as they should. The type of container you store tea bags in is a crucial element in maintaining their freshness and potency. Plus, it would help to store them in something presentable in case you have guests over for some afternoon tea.

The most common containers for teas are tin cans. While these are okay for loose tea leaves, tea bags need something easier to browse through. Our pine storage box allows you to do that and more. It has over-sized slots to allow you to pile your teabags or stack them vertically without affecting how the lid closes. The dividers can be moved about so you can customize the sizes of the compartments, to better fit the size of tea packets that you have.

A cup of freshly steeped tea is a great way to relax and de-stress. However, if the tea does not taste or smell good, it might be more harmful than beneficial. The pine box is not only sustainable, it also has a quality that effectively keeps moisture out. We coated the compartments with a an odorless vegetable stain to keep the box in good condition without affecting the safety and smell of your tea bags.

Our pine storage box brings you the best of both worlds: world-class aesthetics and incomparable durability. The box has been sanded well enough to feel smooth and flawless. The all-wood lid is supported by metal hinges that are made with extra grit to withstand frequent opening and closing. The lid closes firmly, keeping teas safe from moisture and dust. The top of the lid features a simple but stunning leaf design. Our logo is in an inconspicuous spot so as not to distract you from the beauty of our Pine Tea Chest Storage Box.

You deserve something more than just a box. So, we designed one that looks like an heirloom or a piece of art. The sanded pine material plus the metal corner protectors give it that sleek combination of rustic and modern appeal.

For restaurants, cafes or tea shops, presentation is everything. Showcasing your selection of tea flavors and variations in such a fancy box will definitely make your customers feel special and excited!

What better gift to your mom, dad, sibling, or friend than a stunning box filled with assorted teas? You can even add some steeping accessories. Perfect for birthdays, father’s or mother’s day, and more!

Want your tea collection to last longer? Storage is an influential factor in extending the lifespan of tea, whether they are loose leaves or in bags. Although some have expiration dates written in their packages, humidity, heat, and odorous items could speed up its deterioration. Different teas have different shelf lives. You can store them all together in one container but make sure that you sort them according to type and you should take note of the dates of expiry for each. You also have to keep it in a dark and dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Make your teas last longer in style with the Zen Earth Wooden Storage Box Tea Chest! Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. As tea lovers ourselves, we want to offer you a highly decorative and functional storage chest made of 100% sustainable pine wood. Great for home and commercial use. Handcrafted with utmost care and expertise, our boxes are smooth, durable, and finished beautifully with a stunning tea leaf design on the lid. It has oversized slots, allowing you to stack your tea bags side by side vertically. The lid opens to a 90-degree angle, standing sturdily as it is held by two metal hinges. This keeps you from having to open it all the way to the back, which is quite wasteful of counter space. Tea easily absorbs any scent they are exposed to for a long time. Our box is odorless so that your teas maintain their natural scent and flavor. Additional benefits of our tea storage box:

🍵 The dividers in the box can be detached and adjusted

🍵 We kept our logo small and printed at the back of the box so you can display your tea box without a large distracting brand on it Maximize the lifespan of your teas in a secure and presentable Zen Earth Pine Storage Box Tea Chest. Click to add it to your cart today!

☆ All Zen Earth designs are created by Danielle and a portion of Zen Earth products are made with help from China. Since Danielle’s return back from a volunteer fellowship in China, Danielle has maintained close friendships and a fondness for Chinese people and Chinese culture. She has chosen to partner with a region of the PRC where craftswomen and craftsmen create bamboo products by hand which has been a longstanding tradition passed on for hundreds of years. In this region, bamboo grows abundantly and naturally making it a sustainable practice, whereas bamboo is not native to the USA.

☆ Danielle believes in producing high quality, sustainable goods (without harmful chemicals) that are meant to last a lifetime thanks to the sustainable & durable nature of bamboo along with the highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen who produce part of Zen Earth’s products. These artisans are ensured fair wages and safe working environments so their families, community and traditions can thrive for years to come.

☆ Kindly note that part of Zen Earth’s products are also made in Connecticut, USA and shipped from Connecticut, USA. We make our products in the USA when possible, such as our top selling recipe cards which are printed locally. Due to limited storage space in Danielle’s home she receives help from Amazon to fulfill her packages when necessary. This assistance also means less driving back and forth to the post office every day which cuts down on fuel and is less harmful to the environment. Since Danielle is pregnant with her first child, she is trying her best to stay safe and healthy by not going into public spaces including the Post Office to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Thank you for understanding.

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