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Rustic Pine Wood Recipe Box, 100 Recipe Cards + 1 Clear Card Protector Included | Wooden Kitchen Storage Chest Holds 200+ 4x6 Index Cards

Rustic Pine Wood Recipe Box, 100 Recipe Cards + 1 Clear Card Protector Included | Wooden Kitchen Storage Chest Holds 200+ 4x6 Index Cards

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✅ THE PERFECT WAY TO PRESERVE YOUR FAMILY RECIPES +You can officially get rid of that old shoebox your grandmother used to keep your family's secret recipes in. This wonderful naturally unfinished pine wood (6.7" Length X 4.2" Width X 5.2" Height) kitchen luxury recipe box can perfectly fit 200+ 4x6" recipe cards, card dividers, and a clear card protector all the while adding charm and character to your kitchen.
✅ LOVINGLY NATURALLY UNFINISHED & HANDCRAFTED FOR BEAUTY & UTILITY +Designed and built from scratch for keeping your precious recipes dry and organized, this well-constructed, beautiful box fits all your recipe cards, tabs, and dividers, and is truly a marvel to look at. What's more, besides its sturdy lid, high quality corner protectors, and smart inclined design, it also features 3 differently sized, innovative patent pending grooves you can use as recipe card holders!
✅ AT LAST, PREMIUM QUALITY YOU CAN ACTUALLY TRUST! +When it comes to our family recipe boxes, we firmly believe there's no room for cutting corners. That's why we make a point of using nothing but gorgeous, natural, unfinished, sustainable pine wood — known for its beautiful and strong feeling — as well as heavy duty hinges and clasps, careful handcrafting techniques, and strict quality control!
✅ A BEAUTIFUL GIFT IDEA FOR YOUR FRIENDS & LOVED ONES +Are you looking for a nice and thoughtful gift for one of your kitchen-savvy friends or family? In that case, bear in mind that this handcrafted recipe box is more than just any old box; it's a chance to start a family tradition, and pass down secret recipes to the next generation. Plus, it comes with 100 high quality, thick 4" x 6" recipe cards by designer Danielle Evita, and a bonus firm clear card frame to get you started!
✅ ORDER RIGHT AWAY, WITH PRECISELY 0% RISK INVOLVED! +At Zen Earth, we're a small, family owned business that believes in tradition, and we are very proud of our handcrafted luxury cooking recipe boxes. After all, they're what we use ourselves, preparing a family legacy for our children and grandchildren! That's why we're happy to provide you with all the support and assistance you need concerning these wonderful recipe boxes, including a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

►Always Keep Your Family's Recipes Dry, Safe & Secure — Starting Today!Are you looking for a way to store all those recipes your mother passed to you — as did your grandmother before her?Don't you hate all those cheaply made and ugly looking boxes — which you doubt whether they'll last more than a couple of years?Would you prefer a beautiful, elegant, timeless solution you'll one day be able pass on to your own children?►Zen Earth Premium Kitchen Recipe Box — A Must have For Every Kitchen!It's time your precious family recipes got the luxurious home they deserve. Each of these wonderful recipe boxes are lovingly handcrafted from gorgeous, natural, unfinished pine wood, and will hold more than 200 of your 4x6 recipe and index cards. There are 50 double sided recipe cards provided (Printed in USA) per package and additional recipe cards are available for purchase and are sold separately.What's more, your pine recipe box will keep them all safe, dry, and secure for decades to come, and can even become a family heirloom that passes from one generation to the next!►Exclusively Handcrafted With Naturally Unfinished Beauty & Excellence In MindFor us, these boxes are more than simple wood containers; they signify a beloved part of family history and tradition — so there's no room for cutting corners, when it comes to them.Zen Earth premium recipe boxes are carefully designed and precisely crafted by family people, for family people, from the best quality, natural, sustainably grown pinewood. They are free of any harmful substances, and 100% safe for you and your loved ones.►Plus, 1% of the boxes' profits goes to charity! What's not to love?So, What Are You Still Waiting For?Order Your Own Zen Earth Premium Kitchen Recipe Box Right Away!Just Click "Add to Cart" & Start Your Own Family Recipe Tradition Today!

☆ All Zen Earth designs are created by Danielle and a portion of Zen Earth products are made with help from China. Since Danielle’s return back from a volunteer fellowship in China, Danielle has maintained close friendships and a fondness for Chinese people and Chinese culture. She has chosen to partner with a region of the PRC where craftswomen and craftsmen create bamboo products by hand which has been a longstanding tradition passed on for hundreds of years. In this region, bamboo grows abundantly and naturally making it a sustainable practice, whereas bamboo is not native to the USA.

☆ Danielle believes in producing high quality, sustainable goods (without harmful chemicals) that are meant to last a lifetime thanks to the sustainable & durable nature of bamboo along with the highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen who produce part of Zen Earth’s products. These artisans are ensured fair wages and safe working environments so their families, community and traditions can thrive for years to come.

☆ Kindly note that part of Zen Earth’s products are also made in Connecticut, USA and shipped from Connecticut, USA. We make our products in the USA when possible, such as our top selling recipe cards which are printed locally. Due to limited storage space in Danielle’s home she receives help from Amazon to fulfill her packages when necessary. This assistance also means less driving back and forth to the post office every day which cuts down on fuel and is less harmful to the environment. Since Danielle is pregnant with her first child, she is trying her best to stay safe and healthy by not going into public spaces including the Post Office to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Thank you for understanding.

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